EV3000 - Control Panels

Product Overview

The Ampac EV3000 Occupant Warning and Intercom System is designed for the purpose of enabling the orderly evacuation of occupants, from a building or structure, in the event of an emergency.

The system comprises of two (2) sub-systems. The first being the Emergency Warning System (EWS) and the other, the Emergency Intercom System (EIS). While the Warning and Intercom System have separate controls, they coexist in a panel that is logically presented and aesthetically pleasing.

The EWS makes use of speakers strategically placed around the site, to broadcast ALERT, and/or EVACUATION signals or public address announcements.

The EWS may be automatically initiated or manually operated. When not used in an emergency situation, the EV3000 can broadcast background music and/or general paging announcements.

The EIS provides  commuication between the Emergency Control Panel (ECP) and Warden Intercom Phones (WIP) that are strategically placed throughout the building.

For larger sites, multiple control panels may be networked.


  • Network System.
  • Modular System Design.
  • Discrete Front Panel Controls.
  • 40, 120, 240 & 480 Watts Amplifiers to suit your need.
  • Visual Output for Hearing Impaired or Noisy Environments.
  • Common or Individual Fire Alarm Inputs.
  • Common or Zoned Background Music Inputs.
  • Monitoring of Speaker Circuits.
  • Monitoring of Visual Warning Indicators.
  • Automatic Volume Control incorporating Ambient Noise Sensing Microphone.
  • Stand-by Signal Generators.
  • Digital Paging Console.


Power Supply7.5, 13 19.5 and 26A @ 24V dc
CommunicationsRS485 @ 9600bps
Emergency Warning System Zones192 max
EIS Zones384 max
Paging Console8 max
ECPs12 max


12U 900mm H x 700mm W x 375mm D

16U 1200mm H x 700mm W x 375mm D

29U 1800mm H x 700mm W x 375mm D

ApprovalsSSL 0 AS2220.89
SignalsCompliant with AS1670.4:2004

Item Numbers:

EV3000 - 12U MECP105-0001
EV3000 - 16U MECP105-0002
EV3000 - 29U MECP105-0003
EV3000 - 29U Double Cabinet MECP105-0007
EV3000 - 10U SECP105-0004
EV3000 - 12U SECP105-0005
EV3000 - 16U SECP105-0006
EV3000 - 29U SECP105-0009