Sealed Rechargeable Lead-Acid Batteries

Product Overview

Ampac sells a comprehensive battery range for all applications requiring a reliable rechargeable power source. The wide range of sizes coupled with good cycling ability make them perfect for critical systems such as fire alarm and emergency warning systems. Designed using VRLA technology, negating the need to add water, these batteries can be applied in many critical systems requiring reliable reserve power. Available as 12V or for very large systems 2 volt cells (x12).

Consideration should be given to the battery space available. If in doubt, consult your local customer service office.

  • VRLA technology (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid)
  • No topping up.
  • Wide capacity range.
  • Can be operated in any position without leakage.
  • Long operating life.
  • Many capacities available.
  • 2 volt cells – very large systems.



Voltage (nominal)12 VDC

Operating temperature




-15°C to +50°C (no icing)

-20°C to +60°C (no icing)

Life expectancy – standby use3 to 5 years
TerminalQuick disconnect or receptacle M5


Item Numbers

12 Volt 1.3 Ahr SLA Battery210-0008
12 Volt 3.2 Ahr SLA Battery210-0006
12 Volt 7 Ahr SLA Battery210-0016
12 Volt 12 Ahr SLA Battery210-0010
12 Volt 18 Ahr SLA Battery210-0003
12 Volt 26 Ahr SLA Battery210-0012
12 Volt 40 Ahr SLA Battery210-0013
12 Volt 65 Ahr SLA Battery210-0015
12 Volt 75 Ahr SLA Battery210-0004
12 Volt 100 Ahr SLA Battery210-0002
12 Volt 115 Ahr SLA Battery210-0022
12 Volt 150 Ahr SLA Battery210-0017
12 Volt 230 Ahr SLA Battery210-0011
2 Volt 250Ahr SLA Battery210-0018
2 Volt 300Ahr SLA Battery210-0019
2 Volt 500Ahr SLA Battery210-0020