Alarm Acknowledgement Facility

Product Overview

The Alarm Acknowledgment Facility (AAF) is a loop powered addressable device that helps reduce the costly consequence of an unwanted alarm.

  • Loop Powered Addressable Device
  • Built in Short Circuit Isolator
  • Easy configuration of Acknowledge and Investigate periods
  • Event logging of AAF sequence
  • Allows a group of detectors to be assigned to a nominated AAF
  • Aesthetically pleasing single gang Clipsal 2000 wall plate
  • Investigate status displayed at FACP and all associated LCDA’s
  • Audible warning is 75dB @ 1m from the built in buzzer
  • On board visual indication for “polling”, Fire and Fault status
  • Remote ‘Hush’ button input terminals available
  • Conformal coated variant for harsh environments


Operating Voltage21 to 28 VDC (loop powered)
Quiescent Current900?A at 24VDC
Alarm Current<8mA at 24VDC
Address Setting1 to 126
DimensionSingle gang Clipsal plate
MaterialHigh impact ABS (white)
Weight45 grams


Item Numbers

Alarm Acknowledgement Facility - Vertical226-0002
AAF - Vertical with conformal coating226-0002C
Alarm Acknowledgement Facility - Horizontal226-0004
AAF - Horizontal with conformal coating226-0004C