FireFinder PLUS - Addressable

Product Overview

FireFinder Plus is an Intelligent Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel that is available in 1 to 8 loop panel options.

The FireFinder Plus is suitable for medium to large sized fire detection systems and is compatible with Apollo XP95 and Discovery Detectors.

Powerful and flexible programming is achieved via AMPAC’s configuration tool ConfigManager Plus which includes many pre-engineered programming functions. Simple system programming is easily achieved via the front panel.

FireFinder Plus is configurable as a peer to peer network up to 100 panels/nodes with a maximum of 150 Loops.


  • Fully Expandable 1 to 8 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel.
  • Large Graphic (240 x 64 pixel) Display.
  • 500mA Loop Current.
  • 4 Programmable Monitored Inputs.
  • 4 Programmable Monitored Sounder Outputs.
  • 5 Programmable Relays.
  • 2 Auxiliary Power Outputs.
  • Programmable via front panel.
  • Networkable.
  • Supports High Level Graphics Interface.
  • Supports a Range of Panel Add-ons.
  • Rack Mount options available.

Approvals: EN54-2 and EN54-4

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Number of Detection Loops1-8 Fully Expandable
Detection ProtocolApollo XP95 and Discovery
Devices per Loop126
Number of Zones1999 Programmable Zones
Outputs (Programmable)4 x 24VDC @ 1A Max, 10K EOL
Relay Outputs (Programmable)5 x Voltage Free- 24VDC@1A
Power Supply5A  or 18A
Dimensions (mm) 
SP1M500mm H x 405mm W x 150mm D
SP1X500mm H x 405mm W x 150mm D
SP8X845mm H x 518.5mm W x 173mm D
SP16X1200mm H x 625mm W x 240mm D 
SP1M/X Battery Cabinet300mm H x 405mm W x 150mm D
SP8X Battery Cabinet420mm H x 518.5mm W x 173mm D

For further details refer to the Product Data Sheet.

Item Numbers

FireFinder Plus 1 Loop 32Z 5A SP1M8681-0108*
FireFinder Plus 2 Loop 32Z 5A SP1M8681-0208*
FireFinder Plus 3 Loop 32Z 5A SP1M8681-0308*
FireFinder Plus 4 Loop 32Z 5A SP1M8681-0408*
FireFinder Plus 1 Loop 32Z 5A SP1X8681-0110
FireFinder Plus 1 Loop 64Z 5A SP8X8681-0113
FireFinder Plus 9 Loop 64Z 18A SP16X8681-0916
Panel Extras 
SP1X/M Cabinet Flush Surround4210-0042
SP8X Cabinet Flush Surround4210-0044
SP1X/M Batter Cabinet4210-0040
SP8X Battery Cabinet4210-0041