FireFinder Intelligent / Conventional Control Panel

Product Overview

FireFinder is a state of the art multi microprocessor controlled Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Modular in design, the FireFinder provides flexibility and versatility that can be configured to operate with both intelligent analogue addressable and conventional devices in the one system.

Available in single or multiple loop configurations, the FireFinder supports the leading Apollo XP95 and Discovery detector protocols.

The Ampac ConfigManager software tools provide a powerful combination with the FireFinder to configure the system operational and functional characteristics of an installation.

Enhanced networking capabilities offer the user extended applications with FireFinder incorporating a Master/ Slave Fire control panel arrangement, true Peer to Peer systems, data gathering panels and SmartGraphics (a PC based application) for the supervision, monitoring and control of larger fire management systems.


  • Clear back-lit 40 character 8 line LCD display
  • Programming options via the front panel or laptop computer
  • Remote system interrogation and diagnostics
  • Extensive Alarm Management resources
  • Self Auto Learn capabilities
  • Day Night sensitivity settings
  • Versatile multi processor architecture
  • Event log and printer options
  • Flexible modular expansion and panel Add Ons
  • Optional 32, 64, 96 & 128 zone indicators
  • SmartTerminal repeater options

Typical System Schematic



Number of Detection Loops

1 - 16 depending on enclosure

(larger configurations available on request)

Detection ProtocolApollo XP95 and Discovery
Devices per Loop126
Number of Zones999 Programmable Zones / 64 Conventional Zones
Monitored Outputs1A @ 27V dc, Fused, 10K? EOL
Relay Outputs7 x VFCO rated 1A @ 30V dc (function specific)
Power Supply2A, 5.6A  or 18A

Dimensions (mm)



500 H x 405 W x 145 D

840 H x 515 W x 170 D

For further details refer Product Data Sheet.

Item Numbers


SP1X 16 Zone8555-4150
SP8X 16 Zone8555-4150
SP8X 32 Zone8555-4250
NZ Rear Service 16 Zone 16Z Index EV50W112-0011
NZ Rear Service 32 Zone 32Z Iindex EV50W112-0012


SP1X 1 Loop8555-1100
SP1X 2 Loop8555-1200
SP1X 3 Loop8555-1300
SP8X 1 Loop (Fitted)8555-4100
SP8X 2 Loops (Fitted)8555-4200
SP8X 3 Loops (Fitted)8555-4300
SP8X 4 Loops (Fitted)8555-4400
Rack Mount (1 Loop Version)112-0057
NZ Rear Service 1 Loop 16Z Index EV50W112-0009
NZ Rear Service 1 Loop 32Z Index EV50W 112-0010

Refer local Customer Service Office (CSO) for further build variations