ZoneFinder Range

Product Overview

The ZoneFinder range of conventional fire detection and alarm panels is a highly cost effective option for small building premises requiring coverage for up to twelve detection zones. Certified to EN54 parts 2 & 4, the ZoneFinder panels incorporate an integral power supply with space for standby batteries.

Two versions are available, the ZoneFinder offering 2 or 4 detection zones and the ZoneFinder PLUS, offering 2 through to 12 detection zones. Both versions offer individual zone selection for conventional or Twin Wire operation along with one-man walk test mode facility and false alarm management options. Activation of controls is available via key switch or pass-code entry.

In addition, the ZoneFinder Plus can be fitted with High Spec Expansion cards to provide additional sounder, relay and switched –ve outputs. A fully functional repeater panel is available which communicates using a 2 core data cable with the main ZoneFinder PLUS panel via a plug in comms card.  The comms card also incorporates 6 programmable switched –ve outputs.


  • 2 to 12 Zone versions available
  • Fully Approved by LPCB to EN54-2 & 4
  • Twin-Wire option selected via integral switches
  • False alarm management
  • Integral detector removal monitoring
  • Integral Switch Mode PSU and battery space
  • 2 Monitored sounder circuits
  • 2 Auxiliary VFCO (1x Fire) (1x Fault)
  • Class Change and Alert input
  • Test Mode including One Man Walk Test
  • Control Enable via key switch or passcode

ZoneFinder Schematic
ZoneFinder Schematic

ZoneFinder Plus Schematic

ZoneFinder Plus Schematic

Conventional System Wiring

Zone Wiring

Twin-Wire System Wiring

Twin Wire



ModelStandby CurrentAlarm Current
2 ZoneFinder75mA116mA
4 ZoneFinder85mA133mA
8 ZoneFinder Plus133mA180mA
12 ZoneFinder Plus182mA267mA
Add per Twin Wire circuit09mA
Monitored OutputsStandard 2x rated 500mA at 28vdc where additional circuits are fitted, ensure 2.4A is not exceeded across all circuits
Relay Outputs1x Fire 1 x Fault each VFCO rated at 3A @ 30V dc

Power Supply

ZoneFinder - 1.5 amp at 28vdc (space for 2x 3,2Ahr batteries)

ZoneFinder Plus - 3 amp at 28vdc (space for 2x 7Ahr batteries)

Cabinet1.2mm Mild Steel - finish Surf Mist Ripple
WeightZoneFinder - 4kg, ZoneFinder Plus - 5kg 
IP ratingIP 30
Temperature-5° C to +40°C max RH 95%

Item Numbers

ZoneFinder 2 Zone MFCP2183-0201
ZoneFinder 4 Zone MFCP2183-0401
ZoneFinder Plus 2 Zone MFCP2183-0202
ZoneFinder Plus 4 Zone MFCP2183-0402
ZoneFinder Plus 8 Zone MFCP2183-0802
ZoneFinder Plus 8 Zone MFCP - High Spec2183-0804
ZoneFinder Plus 12 Zone MFCP - High Spec2183-1204
ZoneFinder Plus Repeater2183-1200
ZoneFinder Bezel2183-1501
ZoneFinder Plus Bezel2183-1502
4 Zone Expansion Card2183-1503
4 Zone High Spec Expansion Card 2183-1504