Ampac releases SmartGraphics HD

Ampac releases SmartGraphics HD

The Ampac SmartGraphicsHD System unleashes the full power of FireFinder and the EV3000 by creating a robust and versatile hub for controlling your fire detection, alarm and intercom systems with one fully integrated graphical monitoring package. Flexible and intuitive in its design and innovative connectivity, SmartGraphicsHD puts the command of your systems at your fingertips.


  • Provides a graphical interface to allow monitoring, maintenance and control of a FireFinder fire detection system and an EV3000 Emergency Warning and Intercom System installed in a building, university campus, hospital or other complex.
  • Shows the seat and spread of a fire event by time stamping all received fire alarms and highlighting the first fire alarm received.
  • Displays the spread of smoke by monitoring the status of the air handling system, with the option of manual control.
  • Promotes a rapid response to the fire event, by creating maps showing the fire event, which can be relayed to emergency appliances on route by the emergency dispatch centre.
  • Tracks of the building evacuation procedure by displaying the response of the emergency warning system to the fire event.
  • Reduces maintenance costs for multi-sites complexes, by allowing monitoring and control from one central point.
  • Post-mortem of the fire event and response of the emergency warning system possible by examining the alarm and fault logs, with each log entry hyperlinked to a preset map.


The Ampac SmartGraphicsHD system can generate floor maps which show the seat and spread of the fire and an access map showing the preferred route to the fire event. These maps can be e-mailed to the emergency dispatch centre, and then forwarded to emergency response personnel whilst they are on route to the fire event.

Multiple Remote Sites Connectivity

As SmartGraphics HD can be connected to multiple sites using existing IT infrastructure, it is possible to monitor  multiple sites from one central location. This coupled with SmartGraphics HD extensive logging capabilities allows the monitoring and maintenance of the fire detection, alarm and intercom systems to be managed from one location. The logging allows a post mortem of any fire event  or other emergency condition.  

Storage of Building Information

The Ampac  SmartGraphics HD system includes a  dedicated database for holding building information, like hazardous material stores with each entry hyperlinked to  a floor map. Other fittings, like fire extinguishers, hose reels etc can also be included on flor maps. A dedicated database for key building personnel is available. 

SmartGraphics HD supports the latest high definition display format of 1920 x 1080 with touch screens. Displays can be wall or desk mounted.

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