Introducing Ampac Safety

Introducing Ampac Safety

Ampac is proud to introduce Ampac Safety as the latest addition to the group of companies. Ampac Safety is a new company founded under The Ampac Group of Companies. Ampac Safety utilises the Ampac Group’s existing extensive distribution network to provide products that augment the Group’s traditional focus of Fire Detection & Emergency Warning Systems.

Ampac Safety’s product range includes;

ElectSAFE        Electrical Conduit, Fittings and Accessories

FlameSAFE      Fire Blankets and Fire Accessories

ExitSAFE          Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting


Our Mission : Global Focus for Local Solution

Ampac Safety sources globally for a diverse range of world class solutions and tailors these to meet the requirements of targeted markets.


Our Vision


Promise – Ampac Safety is committed to consistently deliver on their promise – right product features, right level of quality at the right price.

Reliable – Ampac Safety is trustworthy and dependable.

Integration – Ampac Safety provides a diverse range of solutions.

Distribution – Ampac Safety distributes world class products through a global network.

Evolution – Ampac Safety is constantly evolving to meet growing customer needs.


Ampac Safety’s Head Office is in Perth Western Australia and run by General Manager, Greg McCulloch. A Customer Service Office and distribution centre is located in Melbourne Victoria.

For more information visit the website at or contact Ampac Safety on 08 9201 2100 or