ACP-06 Dual Pole Manual Call Point

Product Overview

The Ampac ACP-06 is a re-settable manual call point with unique and innovative features. It has been designed to obtain maximum visibility, high reliability in operation incorporating a pleasant aesthetic appearance. The ACP-06 is easily reset using the special key provided that allows a simple twist action to restore the call point to its normal operating condition. The same key is used to access the electrical connection. The ACP-06 is supplied with a backbox for surface mount applications and can also be flush wall mounted using the adaptor plate supplied.




Surface or flush mount

Maximum current

3A at 250V AC, 5A at 125V AC

Insulation resistance

> 100Mohm at 500V DC

Dimensions (surface mount)

88w x 87h x 61d (mm)

Dimensions (flush mount)

88w x 87h x 32d (mm)

Cable termination

0.5 – 2.5mm²

Operating temperature

-30°C to +70°C

Humidity (no condensation)

0 to 95%

IP rating



ABS / Perspex

Item Numbers

4105-1017 ACP-06 Dual Pole Green MCP