Agrippa Acoustic Door Closer

Product Overview

The Agrippa door closer learns the sound of your specific fire alarm, releasing the door in the event of a fire. This new innovation in the industry is also wire free, so it can easily be retrofitted to any door. The releasing trigger reacts to a particular sound rather than simply a loud noise, significantly reducing false activations.

The closer is easy to install, only requires C cell batteries (which last for 12 months), can be programmed for daily release and has adjustable closing speeds. Suitable for installation to BS 7273-4 category B. Other features include a seven segment LED display, manual release button and a low battery warning display.

Ideally suited to environments such as care homes, schools and hospitals where it is essential to have doors in an open position at certain times of the day to aid access, but equally as important to ensure the doors are closed in the event of a fire.

The closer is part of the Agrippa suite of products, which also includes an acoustically triggered fire door holder.


  • Digital acoustically triggered door closer
  • Learns the sound of your fire alarm
  • Easy wire free installation and programming
  • Daily timed release option
  • Holding angle 65-105 Degrees
  • Two alkaline C cell batteries
  • Approved to EN1155, EN1154 and CE Marked


Holding force

200N (20kg)

Power size


Default setting

70dBA, 1.2 – 3.0 kHz

Preferred sounder

Continuous tone *


L-118 x W-102 x D-66

Standard finish


*  Not suitable for voice alarm systems

Item Numbers


Agrippa Door Holder 


Agrippa Brass Door Holder