Anti-Ligature Detector Mounting

Product Overview

Designed predominantly for use in areas where care of at risk persons is provided, the device provides anti-ligature protection to ensure the safety of occupants.

The unit has been designed to accept a XP95/Discovery mounting base together with a standard Ampac multicriteria detector. It can be either ceiling mounted or wall mounted using an angled mounting box. To simplify and speed up installation and commissioning, the device address is set by simply removing ‘pips’ on a card. The coded XPERT card is then inserted into the side of the base where it locks into position. Utilising built in isolation, the unit can be used with the full range of Ampac addressable fire alarm systems.


  • Anti-Ligature Detection – suitable for secure accommodation
  • Multiple Mounting Options – can be ceiling or wall mounted
  • Ease of Installation – Xpert card simplifies addressing
  • In-Built Isolation – built in isolator
  • Various Detector Types – can be used with various Ampac detectors
  • ‘Lip and Ridge’ Arrangement – prevents concealment of prohibited items



Wall Mounted Box

131mm H x 183mm W x 90mm D

Ceiling Mounted Box

130mm H x 130mm W x 36mm D



Anti-Ligature Breaking Weight

*Weights before Anti-Ligature detector breaks and reports ‘Missing’ at the Indicator

Ceiling Mounted Box

(Pulling at an angle of 0 degrees)


Wall Mounted Box

(Pulling at an angle of 45 degrees)



Item Numbers


Ceiling Box (For 4112-2011)


Base Assembly for XP95/Discovery


Angled Wall Box (For 4112-2011)