Apartment Module

Product Overview

The Apartment Module (AM) is a loop powered addressable device that helps reduce the costly consequences of an unwanted alarm.

An occupant is able to silence a local audible warning, activated by a local smoke detector, and allowing a preset time to investigate the cause of the alarm. Local smoke detectors can be connected directly to the AM (conventional) or connected to the addressable loop (addressable) and assigned to the AM.


  • Loop Powered Addressable Device
  • Built-in short circuit isolation
  • Hush facility
  • Conventional zone input with heat/smoke detector sensing
  • 100V Line Output with EOL monitoring
  • Event logging of AM sequence at FACP
  • Allows a group of detectors to be assigned to a nominated AM
  • Aesthetically pleasing single gang wall plate – vertical or horizontal
  • On board visual indication for “polling”, Fire and Fault status
  • Remote ‘Hush’ button input terminals available
  • Suitable for use on the FireFinder and LoopSense Fire Alarm Control Panels


Operating Voltage 21 to 28 VDC (loop powered)
Quiescent Current

4.9mA with 6k2Ω EOL

1.9mA with 10µF EOL

Alarm Current 4.2mA + Zone alarm current of 14.5mA
Zone Circuit

10 detectors (max) with 6k2Ω EOL (detector current < 1.2mA) or

20 detectors (max) with 10µF EOL (detector current < 2.4mA)

 Zone EOL 6k2Ω, 100µF
Speaker Circuit 100Volt line, 6 W max, 47k EOL
Address Setting 1 to 126
Dimension Single Gang PDL Plate
Material High Impact ABS (white)
Weight 45 grams


Item Numbers

226-0003 Apartment Module (Vertical)
226-0005 Apartment Module (Horizontal) NB: By Special Order