Conventional – ACP-06

Product Overview

The Ampac ACP-06 is a re-settable manual call point with unique and innovative features. It has been designed to obtain maximum visibility, high reliability in operation incorporating a pleasant aesthetic appearance and is fully approved to EN54-11. Six modes of operation are achievable simply by choosing the appropriate internal connection terminals.

All configurations are easily accessed via the screw terminals. The internal printed circuit board is fully enclosed for protection and incorporates a current limiter that maintains a steady supply to the LED. The ACP-06 is easily reset using the special key provided that allows a simple twist action to restore the call point to its normal operating condition. The same key is used to access the electrical connection.

The ACP-06 is supplied in a choice of either flush or surface mount options. Once fitted the front operating element simply snaps into place and is released using the dedicated test and removal tool supplied with each unit. There is the provision of two cable entry knockouts on the rear plus 2 x 3 pre-marked location points on the top and bottom of the surface mount back box.


  • High visibility indication in alarm condition
  • Easy and economical installation
  • Visible in the dark via the unique luminescent re-settable element
  • Six configurations in one unit design for reduced inventory holding
  • Extremely easy to reset via the robust twist and set key system
  • Surface mount and flush mount options available
  • High impact resistant ABS plastic material
  • Available in blue, green, yellow and white


Approvals: AS7240.11:2018


Mounting Surface & Flush Mount
Maximum Voltage 30 VDC
Minimum Voltage

4.5 Volt if LED with R1

6.0 Volt if LED with R2

Current Rating



Current Rating (operated)

Resister Values 

R1 470 Ohm 

R2 680 Ohm

18mA @12 Volt – R1

13mA @12 Volt – R2

45mA @24 Volt – R1

31mA @24 Volt – R2

Cable Termination

0.5 – 2.5 mm²
Operating Temperature -30 / +70°C
Humidity 0 – 95%
IP rating 42
Material ABS / Perspex 

Item Numbers

Surface Mount
4105-1011 Red Surface Mount (Fire Symbol) Conventional MCP
4105-1012 Yellow Surface Mount Agent Release Conventional MCP
4105-1013 White Surface Mount Emergency Alarm Conventional MCP
4105-1014 Green Surface Mount Door Release Conventional MCP
4105-1015 Blue Surface Mount Conventional MCP
4105-1018 White Surface Mount Evacuate Alarm Conventional MCP
Flush Mount
4105-1021 Red Flush Mount (Fire Symbol) Conventional MCP
4105-1022 Yellow Flush Mount Agent Release Conventional MCP
4105-1023 White Flush Mount Emergency Alarm Conventional MCP
4105-1024 Green Flush Mount Door Release Conventional MCP
4105-1025 Blue Flush Mount Conventional MCP
4105-1028 White Flush Mount Evacuate Conventional MCP
4105-1003 Light Grey Flush Mount Plate with Wall Finishing Bezel
4105-1004 Hinged Safety Cover – with “ Lift to operate” text
4105-1005 Hinged Safety Cover – No text
4105-1006 Test Keys (pack of 10)