Deckhead Mouting Boxes

Product Overview

The Deckhead Mounting Box, is a device which protects bases, sounder bases and sounder beacon bases from the ingress of water or other liquids. It is screwed to the soffit and accepts a variety of Apollo bases.

The Deckhead Mounting Box is used on its own in most cases but there are applications where either an extension sleeve or an adaptor ring is required.

The Extension Sleeve is required when fitting heater or deep bases; the Adaptor Ring is needed for fitting sounder bases, beacon bases or sound beacon bases.


  • Protects against water ingress.
  • Improved performance.
  • Available in polycarbonate or metal.

Item Numbers

45681-217APO Deckhead Mounting Box
27249-005 Deckhead Adaptor (for use with 29600-196- converts cable glands from PG16 to M20)
29600-131 Metal Deckhead Mounting Box with PG16 Access Ports
29600-139 Metal Deckhead Mounting Box with M20 Access Ports