Discovery Marine Heat Detector

Product Overview

The Discovery Marine Heat Detector uses a single thermistor to sense the air temperature at the detector position. The thermistor is connected in a resistor network, which produces a voltage output dependent on temperature. The design of the resistor network, together with the processing algorithm in the microcontroller, gives an approximately linear characteristic from 10°C to 80°C. This linearised signal is further processed, depending on the response mode selected, and converted to an analogue output. 


  • Approved for use in the marine environment.
  • Five response modes for environmental adaptation.
  • Day/night switching for increased flexibility.
  • Drift compensation for salse alarm reduction.
  • User programmability for data.
  • XPERT card addressing for increased security.


  • ESC
  • MED
  • BV
  • ABS
  • LR
  • KRS
  • DNV.GL
  • CCS 


Operating Voltage 17 – 28 V dc
Quiescent Current 400µA
Alarm Current LED On 3.5mA
Dimensions (inc Base) 100mm Dia x 42mm H
Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (no condensing or icing)
IP Rating Designed to IP54
Weight (inc Base) 105 grams

Please Note: All data is supplied subject to change without notice. Specifications are typical at 24V, 23°C and 50% RH unless otherwise stated.

Item Numbers

58000-400MAR Discovery Marine Heat Detector