Diversity Interface Unit

Product Overview

The Xpander Diversity Loop Interface Unit is connected to the detection loop and provides bi-directional communications from the LoopSense and FireFinder control panels to the wireless devices.


  • Integral LCD display to aid the commissioning process and provide status of wireless devices.
  • Integral Omni-directional aerials require no adjustment or maintenance.
  • Connect up to 31 Xpander devices to an XP95 loop.
  • Up to 5 interfaces per loop.
  • Maximum number of devices per loop 126 (including interface)
  • Translates radio signals from Xpander detectors to the control panel.
  • Incorporates an integral loop isolator.
  • Loop powered.


Approvals: AS4428-9


Voltage 24VDC
Alarm current 15mA at 24 VDC
Size inc back box 205mm H x 270mm W x 85mm D
Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C (no icing)
Relative humidity 0 to 95% (non condensing)
Weight 950 grams

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Xpander Interface Unit