Addressable Duct Sampling Unit

Product Overview

The Ampac Duct Sampling Unit is designed to monitor levels of smoke in air ducts operating in airspeeds of 0.5 to 20 meters per second. The duct smoke detector can be fitted to any wall of a ventilation duct and has two tubes that extend into the duct through punched holes. The perforated sampling tube is placed in the airflow upstream of the exhaust tube which causes a pressure differential in the duct detector. Air is sucked up the sampling tube, across the detector and exhausted back into the air duct.

Using the 360mm sampling pipe supplied, an air duct of up to 560mm can be monitored. For duct widths greater than 560mm, three other lengths of sampling pipe are available.


  • Both sampling and exhaust pipes are fitted to the back box without the need for tools making installation easier
  • The cover of the duct smoke detector is monitored to ensure working integrity and if removed, causes a fault to appear at the fire alarm control panel
  • Easily accessible wire clamping terminals ensure secure and fast termination
  • Clear cover hence the alarm LED on the detector is visible at all times
  • Unique self-sealing test port allows the dispensing of test smoke via a needle into the duct smoke detector to be tested without the need to remove the cover
  • Sampling pipes available in 4 lengths
  • Weather-resistant enclosure


Approvals: AS1603.13:2018


Housing Grey – ABS
Cover Transparent – ABS
Operating Voltage 9-33V DC
Dimension 115mm H x 340mm W x 60mm D
Temperature Range 0°C to +60°C
Humidity Up to 85%, no condensation
Weight 5.5 kg


Item Numbers

214-0051 Duct Sampling Unit inc XP95 Detector Base
214-0060 Duct Probe 300mm to 750mm Sampling Pipe
214-0061 Duct Probe 750mm to 1500mm Sampling Pipe
214-0062 Duct Probe 1500mm to 3000mm Sampling Pipe
201-0003 XP95 Optical Smoke Detector
201-0094 Discovery Multisensor Detector