FireFinder PLUS – Addressable AUS

Product Overview

FireFinder Plus is an Intelligent Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel that is available in 1 to 8 loop panel options.

The FireFinder Plus is suitable for small to large-sized fire detection systems and is compatible with Apollo XP95 and Discovery Detectors.

Powerful and flexible programming is achieved via AMPAC’s configuration tool ConfigManager Plus which includes many pre-engineered programming functions. Simple system programming is easily achieved via the front panel.

FireFinder Plus is configurable as a peer to peer network up to 99 panels/nodes with a maximum of 250 Loops.


  • Fully Expandable 1 to 8 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel.
  • Large Graphic Display.
  • 500mA Loop Current.
  • 4 Programmable Monitored Inputs.
  • 4 Programmable Monitored Sounder Outputs.
  • 5 Programmable Relays.
  • 2 Auxiliary Power Outputs.
  • Programmable via front panel.
  • Networkable.
  • Supports High-Level Graphics Interface.
  • Supports a Range of Panel Add-ons.
  • Rack Mount options available.



AS7240-2 and AS7240-4



Number of Detection Loops 1-8 Fully Expandable
Detection Protocol Apollo XP95 and Discovery
Devices per Loop 126
Number of Zones 1999 Programmable Zones
Outputs (Programmable) 4 x 24VDC @ 1A Max, 10K EOL
Relay Outputs (Programmable) 5 x Voltage Free- 24VDC@1A
Power Supply 5A, 14A  or 22A
Dimensions (mm)
SP1X 500H x 405W x 150D
SP8X 845H x 518.5W x 173D
SP16X 1200H x 625W x 240D
SP1X Battery Cabinet 300H x 405W x 150D
SP8X Battery Cabinet 420H x 518.5W x 173D


Item Numbers

8651-0110 FireFinder Plus 1 Loop 5A SP1X
8651-0113 FireFinder Plus 1 Loop 5A SP8X
8651-0116 FireFinder Plus 1 Loop 14A SP16
8651-0117 FireFinder Plus 1 Loop 14A 10U
8651-0118 FireFinder Plus 1 Loop 14A 16U
8651-0119 FireFinder Plus 1 Loop 22A 29U
Panel Extras
4210-0042 SP1X Cabinet Flush Surround
4210-0044 SP8X Cabinet Flush Surround
4210-0040 SP1X Battery Cabinet
4210-0041 SP8X Battery Cabinet