FireFinder SmartTerminal AS4428

Product Overview

The FireFinder SmartTerminal has been designed to display the status and provide limited controls for the FireFinder Fire Alarm Control Panels in multiple locations.

The SmartTerminal provides the following front panel controls:

  • Alarm Acknowledgement.
  • Alarm Reset.
  • Alarm and Warning System Isolate.
  • Previous and Next – to scroll through faults and alarms.


Communication between each SmartTerminal and the FireFinder is provided by an RS485 communication bus. A maximum of 30 SmartTerminal’s may be connected to communications bus over a distance of 1.2Kms.

The SmartTerminal can be supplied with two different sized enclosures and is available as internally 24Vdc powered or externally 240Vac powered options. 


  • Externals the controls and status of the FireFinder Fire Alarm Control Panel.
  • Up to 30 SmartTerminal’s can be connected to each FireFinder Fire Alarm Control Panel.
  • Large LCD with Backlight.
  • Internal Buzzer.
  • Flush or Surface Mountable Enclosure.
  • Control Enable Key Switch.
  • Controls have tactile and audible feedback.




Quiescent current (backlight/buzzer off )

12.5 mA

Max current (backlight/buzzer on)

43.8 mA

Integral Buzzer Level


Max Distance from Main Panel


Operating temperature

-5°C to +55°C (no icing)

Relative humidity

25 to 95% (non condensing)


SmartTerminal Repeater

SmartTerminal Slimline Repeater


300H x 360W x 100Dmm

195H x 324W x 52Dmm


SmartTerminal Repeater

SmartTerminal Slimline Repeater




Item Numbers

4350-0001 SmartTerminal without PSU
4350-0002 SmartTerminal Repeater with 2 Amp PSU
4350-0003 SmartTerminal Slim Line Repeater without PSU
4210-0002 Mounting Kit (Flush Mount)