Product Overview

GasRelease is a compact conventional 3 zone fire control panel that includes additional circuitry for controlling the release of extinguishing agents into protected areas.

Fully compliant with EN12094-1, GasRelease is ideal for applications housing expensive, dangerous or irreplaceable items.

Supported by a wide range of ancillaries, GasRelease is a powerful partner for automatic fire suppression systems.


  • Functions as a standard three zone fire panel with additional circuitry for controlling the release of fire-suppressing gas into protected areas
  • Unique 128 x 64 pixel graphical display facilitates straightforward system programming
  • Includes a pull-down front panel manual release button and two keyswitches for accessing the panel’s functions and toggling between auto/manual mode
  • Three conventional sounder circuits (two x 1st stage, one x 2nd stage)
  • Low quiescent current – less than 40mA
  • Abort and hold inputs
  • Time-stamped event log
  • RS485 connections for up to eight flush or surface remote status units with their own LCD, manual release and mode (auto/manual) switches. Single gang economy status units (without an LCD) are also available
  • Extensive range of commissioning and engineering functions
  • Ideal for use in computer rooms, telecommunication centres, archive stores, control rooms, generator rooms, museums, etc


Detection Zones


Detectors per Zone Circuit

20 per zone (32 inc BGUs)

Alarm Sounder Outputs

3 (two 1st stage, one 2nd stage) each rate at 200mA at 24V dc

Auxiliary Relays

6 (Fire, Local Fire, Extract, 1st Stage, 2nd Stage, Fault) each rated at 1A at 30V dc

Extinguishant Release Output

21-28V dc rated at 1A for 5 mins

Mains Supply

230Vac, 50/60Hz @ 810mA max.

Quiescent Current (mains fail)


Battery Space

2 x 7A hr

Dimensions (mm)

Back box: 439 x 276 H x 70 D (metal) Lid: 467 W x 293 H x 29 D (plastic)


Item Numbers


GasRelease Panel