High Level Interface

Product Overview

The High Level Interface Expander provides the ability for the FireFinder Fire Alarm Control Panel to support a range of high level interface options.

The physical interface between the FACP and equipment can be RS232 or RS485.

Typical applications where the HLI Expander is used are:

  • Building Management
  • Paging system
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • EV3000
  • SmartGraphics HD


Supply Voltage 27VDC
Quiescent Current 37.5ma
Max No. HLI Cards per FireFinder 3
Size 155 L x 72.5 W x 20 D mm
Ports 1 x RS232 or 1 x RS485
Max Distance
RS232 15 m
RS485 1.2 km
Cable Specs
RS232 3 x core screened & twisted
RS485 2 x core screened & twisted


Item Numbers

159-0268 HLI – Factory Fitted
4310-0080 HLI – Add-On Kit