Xpander Hub & Cluster

Product Overview

The Xpander Hub and Cluster System comprises of Radio Hub capable of receiving information from a maximum of 31 Radio Cluster Communicators (RCCs). The RCCs are each capable of receiving information from up to 31 wireless detection and alarm devices from the Xpander range.

Communications between the wireless devices to RCC and RCCs to Radio Hub is bidirectional, fully monitored and utilises the 915 MHz frequency in accordance with AS4428-9. The maximum number of permissible radio hops between RCCs and the Radio Hub is four as shown in the system schematic below.

The Radio Hub communicates with the Loopsense or FireFinder Plus Fire Alarm Control panels using a hardwired cable connection and the XP95 loop protocol. This enables the Radio Hub to be located either adjacent or remote from the panel. The Radio Hub supports up to four loops of detection and alarm devices.

An integral LCD display is provided on the Radio Hub along with function buttons, to allow programming and diagnostics to be carried out for all associated devices and RCCs.

The RCC incorporates a mains power supply and is battery-backed. The unit transmits data from up to 31 wireless devices to the Radio Hub, which in turn passes this information to the Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Approvals: AS4428-9

System Schematic



Radio Hub 


Operating Temperature

-10°C to 50°C (ambient)

Storage Temperature

0°C to 35°C


Up to 95% non-condensing

Operating Voltage

17 to 28V DC

Power Requirements

40mA at 24V DC

Mains Powered 220-240VAC, 50Hz

Battery Backup


1 x 6V 4Ah

Battery Standby Time


72 hours

IP Rating


Operating Frequency


Output Transmitter Power

14 dBm


270mm (W) 205mm (H) 75mm (D)



1.9kg (incl batt) 1.15kg (ex batt)


For indoor use


Item Numbers

4110-2004 Xpander Radio Hub
4110-2005 Xpander Radio Communications Cluster
210-0025 Battery for CC Unit (6V 4Ahr)