MCP Weather Stopper

Product Overview

The Weather Stopper II is a tough, clear polycarbonate cover designed to protect manual call points and other devices where protection from the environment is
necessary, such as car parks, food processing factories and swimming pools.

It is also ideal for saline atmospheres. It is available for flush or surface mounted devices with a variety of cable entry gaskets.

The MCP Weather Stopper consists of a clear, tamperproof, tough polycarbonate cover, frame and weather gasket that retrofits over the existing device.

The weather gasket seals the unit preventing dust, grime and water from getting to the device. In the event of an emergency, simply lift the cover to gain access to the protected device. The retro fit cover is built to meet the requirements of IP54.


Housing Material Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature -40°C to 49°C
Mounting Options Flush & Surface 

Item Numbers

4105-9005 MCP Weather Stopper