Rapid Bracket® Void Detector Holder

Rapid Bracket® – The Most Versatile Void Detector Holder

Compatible with more ceiling types and a larger variety of detectors, the Rapid Bracket®‘s ultra-fast installation time reduces costs significantly and eliminates the need for unsightly access hatches while leaving a modern, aesthetically pleasing finish.

Constructed from ultra high-heat resistant engineering polymers and ultra-lightweight anodized aluminium, the Rapid Bracket® weighs just 1.2kg in its tallest form. Its 128mm opening means it can be used with a larger variety of detectors. 

The clever clamping design allows it to be used in ceiling thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 32mm and gives it the added ability to be back blocked for some of those lighter-duty ceilings or ceiling tiles.

Rapid Bracket® is designed for rapid installation straight from the box. 


  • Engineered dimensional components for a balanced device.
  • Compatible with a variety of detectors up to 128mm in diameter.
  • Specially designed telescopic, lightweight anodized aluminium tube with locking pushbuttons for strength and ease of installation.
  • Easy removal and reinstallation during periodic testing and inspection.
  • Engineered polymer components with high heat tolerance.
  • Simple click locking assemble,
  • Concealed screw mounts to suit various remote indicators.
  • UV resistant, lightweight faceplate with 6 point twist-lock fastening.
  • Safety lanyard for the faceplate.
  • Easy clip-on detectors holder.
  • Simplifies detection maintenance,
  • Installs straight out the box.





Cut Out Size 165mm
Installation Height 550mm to 3000mm
Installation Material Thickness 8mm to 32mm
Weight 1.20kg

Anodized Aluminium (Tubes)

PA6, PBT-GF (Base)

PBT-GF (Detector Holder)

Cover Plate Finish UV Resistant ABS, White
NCC Compliant Yes
Recyclable Yes, Code 7
Patented Yes

Item Numbers

4112-2018 Rapid Bracket® Main Assembly
4112-2019 Rapid Bracket® 1M Tube
4112-2020 Rapid Bracket® 3M Tube
Note: Assembly and tubes sold as a kit and not sold individually