Three Input Output Device

Product Overview

The Ampac Three Input Output Device is designed to interface to a variety of plant control equipment such as door contacts, sprinkler flow switches, gas valves and fire fan control systems.

The Three Input Output Device incorporates three (3) single pole, voltage free change over relay contacts and three (3) monitored switch inputs. Each input can be used to supervise one or more normally open contacts connected to a single pair of cables with monitoring provided for both open and short circuit fault conditions. The Input circuits incorporate de-bounce circuitry for enhanced noise rejection and are protected against high transient voltages.

The Ampac Three Input Output Device is loop powered and includes bi directional isolation circuitry for protection against detection loop short circuits. On board LED status indication is provided for service and commissioning purposes, a feature that can be deactivated during normal operation to reduce the current draw on the system.

Two packaging options are available. The ‘DIN Mount’ version enables the device to be mounted onto standard 35mm DIN rail or screwed direct to the back pan of a larger enclosure while the ‘Enclosed’ version allows the device to be surface mounted to a wall.


  • 3 x Independent Monitored Inputs
  • 3 x Change Over Relay Outputs
  • Loop Powered inc Short Circuit Isolator
  • Compatible with XP95 & Discovery Protocol
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Diagnostic LED Indications
  • Surface and DIN Mount Enclosures




Operating Voltage 17 – 28 V dc
Max Current at 24 V dc
Quiescent Current 1.31 mA
All Inputs & Outputs Active 1.59 mA
Output Contact Rating 1A at 30 V AC or DC
Operating Temp -20°C +70°C
Humidity 0 to 95% Non-Condensing
Dimensions H x W x D
DIN Mount 75 x 144 x 25mm
Enclosed 150 x 200 x 52mm
Material Grey ABS
IP Rating IP44 (Indoor Use)


Item Numbers

4210-0054 Three Input Output Device DIN Mount
4210-0055 Three Input Output Device Enclosed