Warden Intercom Phone – 2 Wire (S0004)

Product Overview

Warden Intercom Phones (WIPs) are strategically located within each fire area or zone, and form an integral part of the Ampac EV3000 Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System. 


  • 2 Wire WIP/EAID wiring.
  • High-quality WIP audio.
  • Complies with AS4428.4.
  • Suitable for models manufactured after July 2010.


Operating Voltage 27 VDC (line driven)
Line Voltage

On hook – 25 VDC max

Off hook – 14 VDC max

Current draw

On hook – 5 mA max

Off hook – 35 mA max

Line Impedance 360 ohm balanced
Line Level 0 dB (± 3dB)
Cabling 2 wire – 2.5mm² max.
Dimensions 215mm H x 85mm W x 62mm D
Weight 380 grams

Item Numbers


Warden Intercom Phone – 2 Wire (S0004)


WIP Enclosure Metal Surface Mounted