WIP Remote Buzzer Plate

Product Overview

The Remote Warden Intercom Phone (WIP) Buzzer Plate allows an Ampac Warden Intercom Phone to be mounted inside of an enclosure, cupboard or fire and security cabinet while still maintaining the required 80dB(A) @ 1m requirements as stated in AS1670.4 2015 & 2018. 

The Remote WIP Buzzer Plate can be mounted outside a cabinet or cupboard to provide building wardens ample notification of an incoming call with the WIP enclosure closed.

The Remote WIP Buzzer Plate mounts with ease to a single gang mounting box (not supplied). A double-sided terminal block connection is provided to connect the remote buzzer plate directly into the remote buzzer output on the Ampac range of warden intercom phone. 


  • Piezoelectric plate mounted buzzer.
  • 84dB @ 1M SPL Output.
  • Easy to read “WARDEN INTERCOM POINT” text.
  • Connects to Ampac 2 Wire and 3 Wire WIP phones.


Quiescent Current NA
Alarm Current 20mA @ 24V
Monitoring NA
Mounting Single Gang Backbox
Temperature -20°C  to 70°C 
Humidity 0 – 95% non-condensing
Wiring 2 core

Item Numbers

209-0028 WIP Remote Buzzer Plate