XP95 Base Sounder VAD Cat O

Product Overview

The XP95 Base Sounder Visual Alarm Device (VAD) is a loop powered sounder and VAD combined with a standard intelligent mounting base. It is used to signal a fire alarm in enclosed areas.

The volume range is switch selectable during installation stage. The low volume range is useful in areas such as hospitals where a fire alert is initially intended to warn staff only. The sounder is certified to AS7240-3 for general use when the higher volume range is selected.

Synchronisation of tones ensures the integrity of the signal-tones from different sounders do not merge into one signal that could be mistaken for a different tone. For systems requiring isolators at every point the built-in isolator saves installation time and cost.

The acoustic self-test means that the sounder listens to itself when it is switched on. If no sound is detected a fault signal is transmitted when the sounder is polled. The VAD self-test is achieved by means of an LED monitoring circuit. If the LEDs do not draw current when the Base Sounder VAD has been switched on a fault signal is transmitted to the  control panel when the device is next polled.


  • Two volume ranges
  • Alert and Evacuate tones
  • Synchronisation of tones
  • Category O VAD
  • Built-in short circuit isolator
  • Unique acoustic  and VAD self-test
  • Complies with AS7240-3 and AS7240-23


Operating Voltage

17 to 28 VDC

Quiescent current


Sounder operated


Sound output

Max 88db Min 71dB

Sound pattern

520Hz +/- 5% on a temporal 3 pattern (ISO8201)               

Flash rate



115mm x 38mm


168 grams

Operating temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Humidity (no condensation)

0 to 95%

IP rating


Sounder type

Type A


AS7240-3:2014, AS7240-23-2014

Item Numbers

4107-6002 XP95 Base Sounder VAD Cat O
201-0114 XP95 White Base Sounder Cap
201-0119 XP95 Red Base Sounder Cap