XP95 Manual Call Point

Product Overview

The XP95 Manual Call Point has been designed to operate on a loop of intelligent addressable fire detection devices and when activated interrupts the polling cycle for a very fast response. 

The address of each call point is set at the commissioning stage by means of a seven-segment DIL switch. The device features plug and play terminal connections and a resettable element. 


  • ‘Plug and Play’ terminal connections for fast wiring and continuity testing.
  • Reports an alarm in under 0.2 seconds.
  • Resettable element.
  • Anti-tamper facility.
  • Universal key for test and maintenance access. 



EN54-17/LPCB (Isolated Version)



17-28 V DC

Quiescent current

100µA at 24V DC

Alarm current

4mA at 24 V DC

Address method

7 segment DIL switch

Size (surface mount)

93mm H x 89mm W x 59.5mm D

Operating temperature

-20°C to +60°C (no icing)

Relative humidity

0-95% (non condensing)

IP rating

IP24D (indoor use) 


190 grams


Item Numbers

55100-905AMP XP95 Manual Call Point (Surface)
55100-908AMP XP95 Manual Call Point with Isolator (Surface)