ZoneSense PLUS Conventional Control Panel

Product Overview

The Ampac ZoneSense PLUS Fire Alarm Control Panel is a versatile four or eight zone conventional panel. The user-friendly navigation system provides simple operation during an emergency while also enabling complex cause and effect programming to be undertaken. A range of modular panel add-on kits allows the panel to be professionally tailored to the requirements of each installation. This means small conventional panels can now be used in a wider range of applications. ZoneSense PLUS offers you complete control. The panel can be easily upgraded and programmed on-site. ZoneSense PLUS has been designed not just for today, but for the future and incorporates many features that can be enhanced over the life of the system if and when required.


  • Programming via front panel – 8 x 2 line LCD, a set of navigation keys and the Menu/ Enter key allow the ZoneSense PLUS to be programmed on-site
  • Fault diagnostics – via the LCD provides detailed system information
  • Zone configuration – each zone can be programmed to be normal, non-latching, self-resetting, Alarm Verification Facility, or agent release activation
  • End of line device selection – up to four (4) resistor values can be selected to match the existing value on retrofit installations. Capacitive EOL is also available
  • Individual zones monitored outputs and relay outputs can be isolated
  • Output status – the current status of all relay outputs can be displayed on the LCD
  • Zone description – every zone can have a 13 character descriptor
  • Password protection – there are three levels of access
  • Complies with EN54-2 & 4




Detection Zones 4 or 8
Alarm Sounder Outputs 4 x Monitored Outputs rated 500mA at 24V dc
Fire Output 25mA (max) at 24V dc (monitored current limited)
Fault Output 25mA (max) at 24V dc (monitored current limited)
Ancillary Relay 1 x VFCO rated 1A at 30V dc
Fault Relay 1 x VFCO rated 1A at 30V dc
Auxiliary Power Supply 500mA at 24V dc (monitored)
Mains Supply 90 to 264V ac at 500mA
Operating Voltage 24V dc
Quiescent Current 40.5mA
Battery Space 2 x 7Ahr
Dimensions (mm) 300 H x 360 W x 100 D

For further details refer Product Data Sheet.

Item Numbers

2580-1100 4 Zone ZoneSense PLUS ABS Cabinet
2580-1200 8 Zone ZoneSense PLUS ABS Cabinet
2580-0100 4 Zone ZoneSense PLUS Metal Cabinet
2580-0200 8 Zone ZoneSense PLUS Metal Cabinet
2510-9001 Ancillary Cabinet
ENC1851-A Joiners for ABS Multiple Cabinet
ENC3016-A Flush Mount Surround for Metal Cabinet