ZoneSense DH4 – Conventional Control Panel AUS

Product Overview

The ZoneSense DH4 conventional control panel delivers basic fire detection and alarm facilities for smaller installations of up to 4 zones where the system is not required to meet AS 1670.1 or be brigade connected. Designed as a compact, cost effective local panel with dedicated door holder outputs, it is ideal for applications such as Plant Rooms, Retail Stores and Small Residential Facilities where brigade monitoring is not mandatory.

Each of the 4 zones can be connected to 40 high quality commercial grade conventional fire detectors to provide a high quality detection & alarm system.


  • Walk Test Facility
  • Zone Isolate Facility
  • Dual Door Holder Outputs
  • Mains Only Mode
  • Low Quiescent Current
  • Class Change Input
  • Alert Input
  • Available in ABS (BX1) and Metal (BX10) cabinet versions

Typical System Schematic



Detection Zones 4 x Monitored Inputs
Detectors per Zone Circuit 40 (max) using 10uF End of Line (EOL)
Alarm Sounder Outputs 2 x Monitored Outputs rated 250mA @ 27V dc 10KΩ EOL
Door Holder Outputs 2 x Monitored Outputs rated 250mA @ 27V dc 10KΩ EOL
Relay Outputs 1 x VFCO rated 1A @ 30V dc (Fire)
1 x VFCO rated 1A @ 30V dc (Fault)
Power Supply 1.6 A (max)
Battery Space 2 x 7Ahr
Dimensions (mm) 300 H x 360 W x 100 D

For further details refer Product Data Sheet.

Item Numbers

2250-4200 ZoneSense DH4 – ABS (BX1) excl Batteries
2250-4250 ZoneSense DH4 – Metal (BX10) excl Batteries
ENC3016-A Metal BX10 Surround