ZoneSense NZ1/NZ1R – Conventional Control Panel

Product Overview

The ZoneSense NZ1 is a single zone Fire Alarm Control Panel. The prolonged standby time makes the system particularly suitable for non monitored applications. The facility to provide alarm verification and smoke detector only response reduces unwanted alarms.The ZoneSense NZ1 is designed for commercial applications and has been approved to NZS4512:2003. The ZoneSense NZ1R is designed for residential applications and has a ‘Reset’ facility on the front panel. This allows the end user to reset the panel from an alarm state without having to open the door.


  • Single Fire detection zone
  • Commercial and Residential version available
  • Simple to install and set up
  • Long stand by time (240hrs)
  • High Bell current output
  • Front Service
  • Complies with NZS4512:2003 (NZ1 only)


Detection Zones 1 x Monitored Input (2 wire system)
Detectors per Zone Circuit 40 (max) using 3K3 End of Line (EOL)
Alarm Sounder Outputs 2 x Monitored Outputs rated 1.5A at 12V dc 10K EOL
Auxiliary Fire Open Collector 30mA (max) at 12V dc
Auxiliary Defect Open Collector 30mA (max) at 12V dc
Programmable Relay (Alarm or Defect) 1 x VFCO rated 1A at 30V dc
Mains Supply 230V ac at 500mA
Operating Voltage 12V dc
Quiescent Current 22mA
Battery Space 1 x 7Ahr
Dimensions (mm) 300 H x 360 W x 100 D

For further details refer Product Data Sheet.

Item Numbers

2655-0100 ZoneSense NZ1 (Commercial) BX1
2655-0101 ZoneSense NZ1 (Commercial) BX10
2655-0150 ZoneSense NZ1R (Residential) BX1
2655-0151 ZoneSense NZ1R (Residential) BX10
ENC3016-A Metal BX10 Surround