ZoneSense NZ400 – Conventional Control Panel

Product Overview

The NZ400 is an automatic Fire Alarm Control Panel. The NZ400 has four 2-wire fire detection circuits able to accommodate heat detectors, smoke detectors, manual call points or a combination of these devices. Programming and interrogating the panel configuration is made easy with the inclusion of a seven-segment display. The acrylic index can be easily fitted or removed. The index is backlit. The NZ400 has two bell outputs to alert personnel in the event of a fire. These outputs are monitored for short and open circuit conditions. With the addition of an SGD Type II board, the system can signal the brigade. Up to four (4) programmable relays can be added to the panel using the serial relay board.


  • Four detection zones plus DBA input
  • Available in Front or Rear Service
  • Supports ATS connection
  • Programmable zone response – only AVF
  • Zones selectable for Bell / Brigade calling
  • Event Log (Last 8 events)
  • Earth leakage monitoring (selectable)
  • Mains present monitoring (selectable)
  • Double Knock (grouping zones)
  • Backlighting for index
  • Defect Buzzer selectable
  • Complies with NZS4512:2003


Detection Zones 4 x Monitored Inputs (2 wire systems)
Detectors per Zone Circuit 40 (max) using 3K3 End of Line (EOL)
Alarm Sounder Outputs 2 x Monitored Outputs rated 2A at 12V dc
Auxiliary Power 800mA at 12V dc (fused)
Mains Supply 230V ac at 500mA
Operating Voltage 12V dc
Quiescent Current 85mA
Battery Space 1 x 7Ahr
Dimensions (mm) 320 H x 350 W x 80 D


Item Numbers

5155-0200 NZ400 Conventional Indicator Panel Front Service EV20W + Batteries
5155-0250 NZ400 Conventional Indicator Panel Rear Service EV20W + Batteries
155-0001 Type II SGD
155-0003 8-Way Relay Board
155-0015 Serial Relay Board