ZoneSense Plus Agent Release Conventional – Asia

Product Overview

The ZoneSense PLUS AR (Agent Release) Panel is a dedicated panel for agent release systems. Housed in a metal cabinet, the ZoneSense PLUS AR is available in either four (4) or eight (8) zones. Based on a ZoneSense PLUS Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), the AR version is fitted with an Agent Release Panel Add-on (control card and termination board) and a dual-action yellow manual call point as standard. The Agent Release panel add-on option is factory set.


  • Dedicated Agent Release system – purpose-built with a host of ancillary products to suit.
  • Comprehensive system status – the AR panel includes a number of system status indicators that facilitates ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Local Control Station with control and indication – mimics full status of the Agent Release panel. An outdoor version of this product is available.
  • User interface and operation based around Industry Fire Emergency procedures – ensures that the system installed is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Dual-action Manual Call Point – the yellow MCP is a break glass type and requires a dual-action to be activated i.e. lift the protective transparent cover and break the glass.
  • Agent Release Panel is compliant with AS4214.


Detection Zones Four (4) or Eight (8) Monitored Inputs
Detectors per Zone Circuit 40 (Max)
Monitored Outputs 4 x rated 500mA @ 27 Vdc for Ext Bell, Warning System, ACF, ASE, 1st Stage & 2nd Stage
Relay Outputs 4 x VFCO rated 1A @ 30Vdc for Common Fire, Common Fault, 1st Stage, 2nd Stage & Gas Fired
Agent Release Monitored Outputs Main & Reserve
Monitored Inputs Pressure Switch, Low Pressure & Interlock  
Local Control Station 8 (max)
Power Supply 2A (max)
Battery Space Space for 2 x 12volt 12Ahr (no additional Add-ons fitted)
Cabinet Dimensions 505mm H x 405mm W x 150mm D

For further details refer Product Data Sheet.

Item Numbers

2553-0410-0100 ZoneSense PLUS AR 4 Zone
2553-0810-0100 ZoneSense PLUS AR 8 Zone