ZoneSense PLUS Conventional Control Panel

Product Overview

The Ampac ZoneSense PLUS Fire Alarm Control Panel is a versatile four or eight zone conventional panel. The user friendly navigation system provides simple operation during an emergency while also enabling complex cause and effect programming to be undertaken.

A range of modular panel add-on kits allows the panel to be professionally tailored to the requirements of each installation. This means small conventional panels can now be used in a wider range of applications.


  • Available in 4 Zone or 8 Zone Panels
  • Up to 40 Conventional detectors per zone
  • RS485 port supports a range of Add-on modules
  • Available in ABS (BX1) and Metal (BX20) cabinet versions
  • Approved to AS4428.1

Typical System Schematic


Detection Zones Four (4) or Eight (8) x 2-wire monitored system
Detectors per Zone Circuit 40 (max)
Monitored Outputs 4 x  500 mA @ 27Vdc for EXT Bell, Warning Sys, ACF & ASE
Relay Outputs 1 x VFCO rated 1A @ 30Vdc (Fire)
  1 x VFCO rated 1A @ 30Vdc (Fault)
Power Supply 2A Standard, 3A if OWS50 fitted
Battery Space 2 x 12Ahr (SP1X no Add-ons fitted)
Dimensions (mm) 505 H x 405 W x 150 D (SP1X)

For further details refer Product Data Sheet.

Item Numbers

2550-1100 4 Zone ABS (BX1)
2550-1200 8 Zone ABS (BX1)
2550-2100 4 Zone ABS (BX1) with Windows
2500-2200 8 Zone ABS (BX1) with Windows
ENC1851-A ABS Joiner Moulding
2510-9001 Ancillary Cabinet ABS (BX1)
2553-0410 4 Zone Metal (SP1X)
2553-0410-1100 4 Zone OSW25W Metal (SP1X)
2553-0410-1200  4 Zone OSW50W Metal (SP1X)
2553-0810 8 Zone Metal (SP1X)
2553-0810-1100 8 Zone OSW25W Metal (SP1X)
2553-0810-1200 8 Zone OSW50W Metal (SP1X)
4210-0040 Battery/Ancillary Cabinet
4210-0042 Surround for SP1X Cabinet
4210-0043  Surround for Combined SP1X Cab & Battery Box
2553-0400 4 Zone Combo Rack Mount
2553-0800 8 Zone Combo Rack Mount