Alarm Systems

Ampac has designed and developed a comprehensive range of Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems.

The EV3000 is a multi-zone Emergency Warning and Intercom System designed for the purpose of enabling the orderly evacuation of occupants, from a building or structure, in the event of an emergency. The system comprises of two main sub-systems, the Emergency Warning System (EWS) and the Emergency Intercom System (EIS). The Emergency Warning System incorporates zone amplifiers and speakers which are distributed throughout the building to provide audible warning to occupants. The Emergency Intercom System consists of Warden Intercom Phones strategically placed throughout the building. Additional Paging Consoles and Visual warning devices can also be connected to the EV3000. The system is ideal for medium to high scale installation projects.

For the smaller to medium scale installation projects, Occupant Warning Systems (OWS) can be incorporated within the Ampac range of Fire Control and Indicating panels, such as ZoneSense PLUS, LoopSense, FireFinder and FireFinder Plus.