FastSense is an aspirating system that adopts laser technology making it extremely sensitive, thus providing the earliest warning to the slightest traces of smoke. FastSense is available in 3 models: FastSense 25, FastSense 100, FastSense PLUS. The FastSense 25 accommodates sampling pipe up to 25 metres in length while the FastSense 100 and FastSense PLUS has total sampling pipe capacity of 100 metres and 200 metres respectively.

All FastSense detectors incorporate the patented artificial intelligence software ClassiFire. ClassiFire continually monitors the environment and internal contamination, then adjusts the sensitivity of the detector for optimum performance. The FastLearn feature is automatically initiated on power up facilitating quick set-up on commissioning.

FastSense detectors when networked can be programmed from a single nominated point and when used in conjunction with an Apollo Protocol Interface Card, provides control and indication at the Ampac FireFinder Fire Alarm Control Panel. Up to 126 detectors can be installed on a network data bus. A Remote Display Unit (RDU) provides bar-graph and smoke density status indication of its associated detector. It is installed on a FastSense network data bus.

A FastSense PLUS detector fitted with a command module will offer the single point programming function of a networked system. FastSense 25 and FastSense100 are both supplied with an easy to install docking station. The docking station is available with or
without the pipe exhaust port.

A range of sampling pipes and fittings complement the FastSense detector.