Crowne Plaza Adelaide | SA

Crowne Plaza Adelaide


Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide




FireFinder / EV3000 Combo System


Located in the Hindmarsh Square, is Adelaide’s newest hotel, Crowne Plaza Adelaide. Within the CBD, this refreshingly new and stunning location boasts stunning views of the surrounding city and picturesque hills. The destination consists of an apartment tower featuring 89 luxurious residential apartments. In addition to the residential apartments is the 308 room Crowne Plaza Hotel awarded Australia’s Top Tourism Development in the 2012 Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards.


The Firefinder system consisted of 10 addressable detection loops with 705 smoke detectors and 41 MCPS fitted and a Smart Terminal. The Smart Terminal is used by Hotel Staff to identify and investigate fire alarms prior to notifying the Fire Brigade.The EV3000 system consisted of 31 evacuation zones with 42 warden intercom points.


The challenges presented by the project were that the system had to be extremely reliable, asthetically pleasing and able to reduce “unwanted alarms” generated from hotel guests including cooking, smoking and bathroom steam.


 In the event of an alarm in a hotel room, the fire system provides:

  1. An alarm signal, local to the room effected, to allow smoke to be cleared by the hotel guest.
  2. Alarm signal to hotel staff via the Smart Terminal.
  3. If the smoke is cleared within the time out period the detector will be reset, and no further action is required.
  4. If there is still smoke in the room after the time out period has expired, a complete building alarm is generated and the brigade is notified.


Panels / Network Nodes 2
Loops 10
Evacuation Zones 31
Amplifiers 16 x 40 Watt
Warden Intercom Points 42
Ceiling Speakers 542
Horn Speakers 15 x 10 Watt
Detector Model XP95 Photo Optical
Detectors 705
Smart Terminal 1
XP95 Addressable MCP 41