Video Fire Detection with the Bosch AVIOTEC

Video Fire Detection with the Bosch AVIOTEC

Stop threats before they spread with video-based fire detection. 

The Bosch AVIOTEC IP Starlight 8000 provides early and reliable fire detection for challenging environments. Featuring unique technology, the Bosch AVIOTEC can spots fire and disturbances, predicts behaviour to reduce false alarms and speeds up reaction time. 

CSIRO Approved & ActivFire Listed, the AVIOTEC VFD offers proven detection reliability for all test fires (TF1 through TF8) as specified in the various ISO AS7240 and EN54 standards.

Product Features:

  • Very fast fire and smoke detection.
  • Robust against false alarms.
  • Covers large monitoring areas.
  • Outstanding performance under low-light conditions.
  • Resolution 1080p

Typical Applications

  • Buildings with high ceilings like Art Galleries and Museums.
  • Aircraft Hangers.
  • Saw Mills and Paper Mills.
  • Extremely large indoor monitoring areas.
  • Warehouses.