Ampac Donates to the first PIF House

Ampac Donates to the first PIF House

In conjunction with Heyday Fire, Ampac recently donated a range of fire equipment to the Property Industry Foundation (PIF) to be installed in a property to accommodate for the homeless, whom had been given jobs within the building industry.

Ampac donated a FireFinder SP1X including all the necassary ancillaries including XP95 Analogue Photo Optical detectors, strobes and speakers.

The CEO of the Property Industry Foundation, Rosemary Smithson said the foundation had placed 12 young people in jobs in property as part of its Rebuild a Young Life prograrn, but found that good accommodation was essential for solid employment. ‘PIF House will cater for up to 40 young people over the next five years,’l Ms Smithson said

The PIF are a charity helping young people at risk and provide them with a choice and hope for the future. The PIF House was established in Sydney in 1996.

Ampac is priveledged to be apart of such a good cause for the youth of today.