• Marine & Offshore Fire Detection

    Ampac has developed a range of reliable fire detection products that are suitable for maritime and offshore applications.

  • Graphics and Connectivity

    SmartView is a fully featured graphical event management system that has been designed to complement the Ampac range of fire control panels while presenting clear and precise alarm information.

  • Control and Indicating Equipment

    Ampac has developed an extensive range of fire detection control and indicating panels to cater for a range of different markets and approvals.

  • Detection

    Ampac offer an extensive range of Intelligent and Conventional fire detection devices.

  • Specialist Detection

    Ampac supply's a range of specialist applications in both conventional and addressable for a range of different solutions.

  • Audio Visual Devices

    Ampac offers a wide range of Audio Visual (AV) signalling devices for use in conjunction with its range of intelligent and conventional detectors and control panels. Boasting a versatile and functional range offering a huge choice for any application.

  • Aspirating Smoke Detection

    Ampac has partnered with Wagner and is proud to deliver the highly sensitive TITANUS Aspirating Smoke Detection system.

Welcome to Ampac

World leaders of innovative solutions in fire detection and alarm systems.

Ampac designs, manufactures and distributes world-leading fire detection and alarm systems for commercial, industrial and multi-residential complexes. Since 1974, we have been committed to growing the scope and effectiveness of our business throughout the world by always focusing on factors that build long term success and continually improving them.  As we have grown, so has the breadth of our customer base and the number of countries in which we operate.

Ampac continues to target key global markets with a clear understanding of local requirements and statutory regulations.  As a result, our operations have spread further afield with key markets now including Australia, New Zealand, AsiaEMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) and Marine.