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EvacU Elite Emergency Warning & Intercom System

The EvacU Elite Emergency Warning and Intercom System features a modular, card-frame architecture housed within a self-contained cabinet providing a flexible solution for projects small and large.

The EvacU Elite presents fully compliant, operator-friendly control and indication functionality via a colour touch screen user interface. A practical and operator-friendly menu layout provides time and cost-saving features during installation, operation, and maintenance. 

  • Easy to navigate touch screen user interface.
  • Digital audio.
  • Background music inputs.
  • Software supports up to 512 Emergency Zones and 1024 Warden Handsets.
  • Networkable up to 64 nodes.

Approvals: AS 4428.16:2020 Grade 1, AS 4428.4:2016, and AS 7240.4:2018.

    Dimensions 13U Wall Mount Enclosure - H 900 x W 650 x D 380 mm
    24U Floor Standing Enclosure - H 1800 x W 650 x D 380mm
    External Operating Voltage (240 V AC) 204 - 264 V AC
    Max No. of Emergency Zones 512
    Max No. of Warden Handsets 1024
    Max No. of Nodes 64
    Amplifier Sizes Dual 25 Watt, 50 Watt, 150 Watt (4 Way Splitter)

    Output to Warning Devices (Visual)

    Contacts Rated at 2 Amps

    Max Current Draw 6 Amps

    2 Wire Single End O/Ps

    8 x 750 mA

    OR Reverse Polarity Options

    Graphical User Interfaces 13U = 3 / 24U = 7
    Universal Rack Frames 13U = 2 / 24U = 5
    Networking Specifications (Node to Node) 2 core 1.5mm2 twisted Cat 5/6E (up to 100m), Single Mode Fibre, Multimode Fibre
    Power Supply 13U = Max 2.4KWatt / 24U = Max 3.6KWatt 
    Max Battery Size (Pair) 13U = 100 AmpHr / 24U = 190AmpHr
    Mains Current (Max) 13U = 13 Amps fitted with 25 Amp Breaker / 24U = 19.5Amps fitted with 25 Amp Breaker

    The Dual 25 Watt Amplifier Card is a Class D Amplifier with two 25 Watt independent outputs with DC monitoring.

    The 50 Watt Amplifier Card provides one 50 Watt audio output with DC monitoring.

    The 150 Watt Amplifier Card provides one Emergency Warning Zone output with an integrated 4 Way Audio Splitter

    The Distribution CPU Card links to the Graphical User Interface and controls cards within the Universal Rack Frame.

    The Network Interface Card enables the EvacU Elite to function in a networked or distributed configuration.

    The Graphical User Interface Card provides the system controls and user interface for the EvacU Elite.

    Provides 8 supervised inputs, 2 relay outputs and a high-level interface to the FireFinder PLUS

    Provides eight single-ended supervised outputs, suitable for driving alarm warning devices.

    Provides two individually supervised fault-tolerant loop interfaces connecting loop Warden Handsets.

    The Quad Radial EIS Line Card provides four individually supervised interfaces connecting four Warden Handsets and MCPs.

    System power for the EvacU Elite is provided by the Primary and Secondary Power Supply Modules