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150 Watt Amplifier Card

The EvacU Elite 150 Watt Amplifier Card provides one Emergency Warning Zone output with an integrated 4 Way Audio Splitter. Each audio output is individually switchable and DC supervised.

The EvacU Elite 150 Watt Amplifier Card occupies two slots in the EvacU Elite Universal Rack Frame. 

  • Provides 1 x 150 Watt Amplifier with an integrated 4-Way Splitter.
  • 4 x Audio Outputs operate as one EWS zone.

    Audio Output 1 150 Watt (max)
    Audio Output 2 to 4 75 Watt (max), total of 150 Watt per card
    Distortion <= 0.1% @ 150Watt x 1
    Frequency Response (AS 4428.16) 400Hz to 10kHz +/- 1dB w.r.t 1kHz
    200Hz to 12kHz +/- 3dB w.r.t 1kHz
    SNR >= 70%
    Speaker Circuit Monitoring DC, nominal 47kΩ
    Max Drive Voltage 100V rms @ full load
    Maximum Output Current 1.5Amps
    Input Audio Stream 32 kHz 16-bit audio
    No. of Required Rack Slots 2
    Current Consumption 100mA Quiescent / 7500mA Alarm
    6350-HPA150W 150 Watt Amplifier Card