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Universal Door Holder

Universal 500N Door Holder

The Universal Door Holder is designed for floor, ceiling, or wall mount applications and enables doors to be held open under normal conditions and released during a fire alarm condition. The Universal Door Holder is simple to install and commission and is suited to a wide range of applications including Theatres and Cinemas; Hospitals and Nursing Homes; Schools, Colleges and Universities; and Manufacturing and Office Buildings.

The Universal Door Holder is 24 Vdc powered and incorporates a built-in switch to enable the manual release of the door during emergencies or for maintenance purposes.

  • Universal Floor, Ceiling or Wall-Mount Design
  • Rugged Heavy Duty Construction
  • 500N (50kg) or 1000N (100kg) Holding Force
  • Zero Residual Force
  • Integral Release Switch
  • Adjustable Swivel Keeper Plate
  • 24V DC Supply Voltage

Approvals: EN1155

    Operating Voltage 24 V dc
    Current 500N: 43 mA / 1000N: 76 mA
    Holding Force 500N: 500 N / 50 kg / 1000N: 1000 N / 100kg
    Residual Zero
    Floor Mount Stand Length (H1) 183 / 283 mm
    Wall Mount Stand Length (H2) 250 / 350 mm
    Manual Release Yes
    Keeper Adjustment +/- 30°
    Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
    IP Rating Designed to IP51
    Finish Nickel Coated / Painted White
    4101-4001 Universal 500N Door Holder (Short)
    4101-4002 Universal 500N Door Holder (Long)
    4101-4003 Universal 1000N Door Holder (Short)
    4101-4004 Universal 1000N Door Holder (Long)
    4101-6004 Adjustable Keep Plate (Spare)