Marine DIN-Rail Input/Output Unit

Product Overview

The Marine DIN-Rail Input/Output unit provides a voltage-free, single, pole, change-over relay output, a single monitored switch input, and an unmonitored, non-polarised opto-coupled input.

The Marine DIN-Rail Input/Output unit supervises one or more normaly-open switches connected to a single pair of cables. It is set to return an analogue value of 4 in the event of an open or short-circuit fault and 16 during normal operation. The status of the inputs is reported by means of two input bits.

The changeover contact is operated by a software command from the panel.


  • It can report a fault, switch open and switch closed levels.
  • Three visible LEDs.
  • Capable of switching up to 1A at 30V.
  • Fits a standard 35mm DIN-Rail


  • MED
  • ABS
  • ESC


Loop Voltage 17 – 28 VDC
Maximum Current Consumption, at 28 V
Switch-On Surge 3.5 mA
Quiescent 31.2 mA
Input s/c Max (LED on) 6 mA
Short Circuit 11 mA
LEDs Disabled 2.2 mA
Any Other Condition 4.5 mA
Relay Current 1A at 30 V dc
Switch Input Monitoring Voltage 9 – 11 V dc
Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity 0 to 95% (no condensation or icing)
IP Rating Designed to IP20

Please Note: All data is supplied subject to change without notice. Specifications are typical at 24V, 23°C and 50% RH unless otherwise stated.

Item Numbers

55000-774MAR Marine Input/Output Unit