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Void Fire Detector Holder

Void Detector Holder Void Detector Holder Void Detector Holder

The Void Fire Detector Holder allows the installation of a fire detector within a concealed ceiling space at variable heights. The holder enables easy inspection and maintenance of the fire detector located within the ceiling void space from below ceiling level.

Three models are available to suit various ceiling void heights from 0.5 metres to 3 metres.

  • Adjustable mounting tubes
  • Aesthetically pleasing cover plate
  • Fixing brackets included
  • Removable ceiling plate

    Detector Height within Void  
    4112-2001 500mm to 1000mm
    4112-2002 1000mm to 2000mm
    4112-2003 2000mm to 3000mm
    Cover Plate 185 Ø x 5mm D
    Cut Out 150mm Ø
    Construction Aluminium / Mild Steel
    Cover Plate Finish Semi Gloss White
    4112-2001 Void Fire Detector Holder 1 Metre
    4112-2002 Void Fire Detector Holder 2 Metre
    4112-2003 Void Fire Detector Holder 3 Metre