Our Company

Ampac Pty Limited designs, manufactures, and distributes world-leading fire detection and alarm systems for commercial, industrial, and multi-residential complexes.  Since 1974, we have been committed to growing the scope and effectiveness of our business throughout the world by always focusing on factors that build long term success and continually improving them.

As we have grown, so has the breadth of our customer base and the number of countries in which we operate.  Ampac continues to target key global markets with a clear understanding of local requirements and statutory regulations.  While the majority of the systems continue to be designed and manufactured in our prime manufacturing facility in Australia, our operations have spread further afield.  Our key markets now include Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and the United Kingdom, operating through Ampac local offices, Cranford Controls, Accredited Ampac Distributors, and our Global Alliance Partners.

We at Ampac, strive to maintain and improve the vitality of our customer relationships, for it is through understanding the needs of our customers that we can truly achieve sustained long term growth.  Our aim is to ensure that the entire life cycle of our products is supported by our comprehensive after-sales service.  It is a business we are very passionate about. 

Ampac is a business that operates with integrity coupled with a clear focus and commitment – providing customers at every level with superior customer service. It is a philosophy we continue to improve upon.  Developing unparalleled customer partnerships is at the forefront of our position to be World Leaders of Innovative Solutions in Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

Ampac Head Office
Pictured: Ampac Head Office | Perth, Western Australia