Power Supply Units

Product overview

The MultiAmp PSU range of power supplies has been specifically designed for Fire System Installations and features intelligent battery charging and monitoring with remote fault signalling. Available in 2A, 5A or 10A versions, the MultiAmp PSU range of switch mode power supplies has been specifically designed for use with compliant fire detection and alarm systems.

The units include intelligent battery charging using efficient EcoCharge technology, possess mains & battery monitoring with independent voltage free relay outputs. The units also feature battery deep discharge protection in the event of a prolonged mains failure. The inclusion of LED indicators provides quick diagnostics of the status of the power supply, while a variety of enclosures offer the installer a choice of standby battery backup options.


  • 27.6V dc output
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Cost effective switch mode technology
  • Intelligent battery charging and monitoring technology
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Mains AC transient protection
  • Remote fault signalling
  • Full rated current to load plus additional current for battery charging
  • Space for addressable loop interface module
  • Supports up to 65Ahr batteries


Output (mains on)  27.6Vdc
Load Output 2.0, 5.0 & 10.0 Amps
Mains Supply  110V ac to 230V ac @ 50Hz
Environment -10°C to 40°C @ 75%RH
Dimensions (mm)  
12Ahr Enclosure 330W x 280H x 121D
38Ahr Enclosure 425W x 400H x 216D
65Ahr Enclosure 425W x 680H x 216D
IP rating  IP30
Material 1.6mm Mild Steel
Finish Power coated – Surf Mist
Approval Complies with AS7240.4

Item Numbers

4510-8102 2 Amp PSU – Space for 2 x 12Ahr Batts
4510-8202 2 Amp PSU – Space for 2 x 38Ahr Batts
4510-8205 5 Amp PSU – Space for 2 x 38Ahr Batts
4510-8210 10 Amp PSU – Space for 2 x 38Ahr Batts
4510-8305 5 Amp PSU – Space for 2 x 65Ahr Batts
4510-8310 10 Amp PSU – Space for 2 x 65Ahr Batts
4510-9002 2 Amp PSU Module only
4510-9005 5 Amp PSU Module only
4510-9010 10 Amp PSU Module only