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SmartView Marine Graphical Event Management System

SmartView Marine Graphical Event Management System is an extendable client server application whose primary role is dedicated to the monitoring and reporting of Ampac's fire detection system events. Providing clear and precise graphical and text alarm information, SmartView allows operators to make emergency decisions with minimal delay.

SmartView Marine is ideally suited for vessel control rooms and bridge command centres.

  • Graphical navigation with the rapid event location.
  • Visual and audible alarm indication and reporting.
  • Fire system fault indication and reporting.
  • Easy to operate user interface.
  • Historical event log of all activity.
  • Zone and device text displayed from the panel.
  • Event response action/interaction text.
  • Remote fire system "panel silence" and "reset"
  • Remote fire system "device disablement"
  • Assignable user log-in permissions
  • Touch screen control functionality.

    Minimum Computer Recommendations Intel Core i5 CPU 2.4 GHz, 32 or 64 bit operating system with 4 GB RAM. 23" monitor, dual AC/DC supply
    4100-1004 1 - 4 Loop Client & Server License
    4100-1016 4 - 16 Loop Server Upgrade
    4100-4200 Additional Client
    4310-0095 HLI Card Required in Fire Panel