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Wagner Titanus Micro-Sens Air Sampling Device

TITANUS MICRO•SENS® air sampling smoke detection system was developed as a cost-effective solution for monitoring small to medium-sized spaces and equipment.

With the optional ROOM IDENT, this device makes use of patented technology that enables it to monitor up to 5 rooms or facilities and to identify the source of the alarm.

TITANUS MICRO•SENS® is available in a cold storage option, with a redundant fan, or as a detector box. The detector box option does not have its own fan and can be used in combination with TITANUS® systems to localise the sampling hole where the smoke is entering.

TITANUS MICRO•SENS® air sampling smoke detection system can be used to replace up to 8 point-type smoke detectors. This requires up to 50m of pipe, regardless of whether Class A, B or C is required in accordance with AS7240.20.

  • Compact and cost-effective air sampling smoke detection system
  • Robust & Efficient High Powered Light Source (HPLS) Detection Technology
  • LOGIC·SENS Fire Pattern Recognition Technology
  • Freezer Version Operates in -40Deg to +60DegC with No Heater Boxes Required
  • Optional individual room detection of the source of the fire with ROOM IDENT
  • 1 to 2 alarm thresholds
  • Optional smoke level display in bar graph form
  • A BlowFree System for programmed or Automated On-Demand Pipe Cleaning
  • Optional with redundant fan
  • Available without a fan as a detector box
  • A Powerful & Efficient Aspirator Allowing up to 50m of Pipework with up to 8 aspiration apertures
  • Time Saving Installation & Commissioning Via Plug & Play Setup
  • Large Capacity 3-Stage Filters with Selectable 1-15 Micron Ratings
  • A Large Range of Fittings, Pipework and Sampling Points
  • Noise silencer available

Approvals: AS 7240.20-2012

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    Number of Sensor Modules Fitted 1
    Max. Number of Sampling Holes 8
    Max. Total Pipe Length Capable 50m
    Weight 850 to 895g – depends on configuration
    Current – Start Up Maximum: 150mA
    Current - Quiescent (at 24 VDC) 105mA
    Current - Alarm (at 24 VDC) 110-140mA (9V ventilator voltage)
    Operating Voltage 24 VDC (14 - 30 VDC)
    Tapered Pipe Connectors 2 x 25mm
    Detector Dimensions 144mm W x 222mm H x 70mm D
    Housing Colour RAL 9018, Papyrus White
    Cabinet Type, Rating ABS Plastic, IP20 (IP54 with air return)
    Temperature - Standard Version -20 °C to + 60 °C
    Temperature - Freezer Version -40 °C to + 60 °C
    Humidity (Permanent) 10-95% Rel. Non-Condensing
    Cable Entries 8 x M20, 2 x M25
    Sensor Head Sensitivities 0.5% and 0.1%
    Interface Types Relays
    Alarms 2 Adjustable Alarm Threshold
    Fault Signals
    • Air Flow Low
    • Air Flow High
    • Processor/Hardware Fail
    • Ventilator Fail/Air Stabilising
    Clamped Connections Max. 1.0 mm²
    Front Panel Control & Indications Operational: Green;  Fire Alarm: Red; Action Alarm: Red (optional); Fault: Yellow; Smoke Level: 10 x Yellow Bar Graph (optional); Alarm Location: 5 x Red (optional)
    Noise Level Standard & Freezer - 40 dB(A). Reduction by 10dB(A) possible by using the noise suppressor (AD-10-0005)
    Event Log Inbuilt, access thru Diag Tool
    Redundant Fan Optional
    7010-6001/6002 MicroSens 0.5% / 0.1%
    7010-6011/6012 MicroSens 0.5% / 0.1% Bar Graph
    7010-6100/6101 MicroSens 0.5% / 0.1% Freezer
    7010-6110/6111 MicroSens 0.5% / 0.1% Freezer and Bar Graph
    7010-6301/6302 MicroSens 0.5% / 0.1% Room Ident
    7010-6311/6312 MicroSens 0.5% / 0.1% Bar Graph and Room Ident